Science Monday: Humanity’s New Milestone

Humanity is on the verge of becoming an interstellar civilization!

At the mind-blowing distance of 11 billion miles, the Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1970’s, is about to leave the domain of the sun forever and enter interstellar space — a region between the stars!

This is a truly amazing milestone for all of humankind.

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Funny Picture of the Day: I’ve gained the alpacas’ trust

Caturday: Best Moment Award

This award is given to the cat whose best moment is captured by a photo. “Meow… this is my kind of bath.”

Caturday: Best Moment Award

Music Tape: A Quoi Je Sers

Artist: Mylene Farmer

Language: French

Year: 1989


Poussière vivante, je cherche en vain ma voie lactée
Dans ma tourmente, je n’ai trouvé qu’un mausolée
Et je divague
J’ai peur du vide
Je tourne des pages
Mais… des pages vides
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Funny Picture of the Day: Pencils and People

A concise summary of people in a rather visual style.  Do you agree?  Comment below.

Travel destination: Reed Flute Cave

Name:  The Reed Flute Cave (Chinese: 芦笛岩; pinyin: Lúdí Yán)

Where:   Guilin,Guangxi, China

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Funny quote for the holidays: Thanksgiving 2012

Quote of the day: being thankful

A Different Kind of Video: In the Unlikely Event…

Caturday: the bear telled me I was fat!!!

Caturday:  the bear telled me I was fat!!!

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