The Big Bang Theory! – Behind the scene

Panda Friday: Carrots and panda

Carrots is alcohol for panda.  Friday is alcohol for humans.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Panda Friday: Carrots and panda

The Big Bang Theory! — Flash Mob


Quote of the day: Thankful for life

Quotes: Thankful for life

Camouflage engineering: Cell phone tower in Arizona

Camouflage engineering: Cell phone tower in Arizona

Retro Monday: The Key The Secret

Artist: Urban Cookie Collective (Rohan Heath)

I’ve got the key, I’ve got the secret
I’ve got the key to another way
Ah ah ah ah ah ah, aha aha

Ah ah ah ah ah
I’ve got the key, yeah, yeah
Aha, yeah, yeah
Aha, yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah, I’ve got the key

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Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!

Holy cow! How did he do that ?!

Caturday: I hate EVERYTHING

Caturday: I hate EVERYTHING

The I-HATE-EVERYTHING award is given to a cat who, well hates everything.

Science Sunday: Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived

Interesting! Leaving me a deeper appreciation for life itself…

Caturday: Bookworm Cat

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