Song: Cry For Mercy
Artist: Brandon (TheLittleWingsOfJimi) – youtube user

I Wish I Would’ve Told Him

That boy I knew, he lived down the street.
Yet until this day, face to face, we never did meet.
I saw him at lunch and I saw him in gym.
I saw him when everyone in class laughed because he couldnt swim.
I saw him in the hall when he was pushed to the ground.
I saw him, and like all my friends, didnt make a sound.
I saw him on Sundays as I drove off to church.
I saw him, and in my eyes he did search.
He searched for a word of kindness or care.
He searched for a smile that was never there.
He searched for a wave, nod, or grin.
He searched for someone to notice him.
He searched for a way to not be invisible until a voice in his head said
You wont be invisible anymore if everyone else is dead

That boy I knew brought a gun to school today.
He stood in front of class and said, Ive finally found a way
A way for you all to listen, a way to be heard;
A way for me to talk and no one say a word;
A way to tell my story, tell it loud and clear;
A way to afterwards, make it all just disappear;
A way for you all to realize the pain you put me through.
And when he lifted the gun, we all knew exactly what hed do.
We thought we were going to die, and only had ourselves to blame.
How could we not have noticed, that it wasnt just a game?
I wish I wouldve told him that we all were lost too;
That we go through life really not knowing what to do.
I wish I wouldve told him of the joy life can bring;
I wish I wouldve cause now the sorrow really does sting.
I wish I wouldve told him of Jesus and His love.
I shouldve listened to the calling of purpose from above.
I wish I wouldve, cause now, now it is too late.
I wish I wouldve obeyed, and not told God to wait.

That boy I knew had tears in his eyes as he lifted the gun to his head.
And with that first shot I knew it was too late for anything to be said.

We go through life, day after day.
Do you put on a fake smile and pretend its all okay?
Do you try so hard to fit in, so desperate to belong,
You cant see when something in front of you is going terribly wrong?
Do you laugh at the kid getting beaten up at lunch?
Or do you help him up, or even take a punch?
Do you write on your arms each night, praying for it to go away?
Do you go through life not knowing if youll make it through the day?

I wish I wouldve told him, that he was not the only one,
But at least now I can tell you that your time here isnt done.
You have a purpose, youre life has only just begun.
Youre not alone; others go through the same things as you.
I wish I wouldve told him, but at least I can tell you.

Bullying isn’t just a game – it hurts and it destroys: not only to the bullied but also to the bullies.   Little kindness goes a long way – a smile makes someone the day.  Please help this world to become a better and kinder place.


International STAND UP to Bullying Day

Born This Way Foundation

Anti-Bullying Alliance