Hello Class,

Today, we are going to learn about the very basic of being a some kind of vegetarian.

No doubt many people think “umm… vegetarian, easy: no meat” – wrong!  Vegetarianism has many sides and flavors.  Today we are going to explore some of them: (or simply search wikipedia.com to find out yourself)

Flexitarians: omnivores who predominantly eat a plant based diet but also eat animal meat occasionally

Pollotarians: eats chicken or other poultry and sometimes fish, but not meat from mammals.

Pescetarians: eat fish or other seafood, but not poultry or red meat from mammals.

Pesce-pollotarians: eat poultry and fish, or generally only “white meat”.


Cheat Sheet:

Flexi-: flexible vegetarian;

Pollo-: chick fine;

Pesce-: fish fine;

Pesce-pollo: chick and fish fine.


OK class, that’s it for today.

Knowledgeable, Yours