I scared the house dog Terra today – feeling really really bad about this.

It all started when I realized how messy my room was in the morning – so I decided to clean it up a little bit.

In the beginning, everything was quite pleasant: I sorted out all the magazines lying around on the floor, threw out several empty boxes in the corner, and rearranged the plants – all the while, Terra followed me, sniffing the boxes and inspecting my progress.

Then everything went downhill as soon as an idea popped up in my mind: hey, maybe I should vacuum the carpet as well!  I picked up the vacuum from upstairs and went I go – turned on the switch.

Noooo !!! – the most horrible sound coming out of the vacuum ( the usual sucking noise) made Terra shot upstairs.  I was quite startled by the sudden movement, so I turned off the vacuum and went to check her.

Then I saw the most heart-wrenching image you can image: the almost human sized Terra with her adorable face, sitting on the couch, trembling. I heard the story about how she was adopted by my roommate and how her previous owner abused her and that she has sudden bouts of nervous attacks sometimes, but never did I imagine this!

I went sat next her, hugging her and saying soothing words, trying to calm her down -“It’s OK”,”Everything is fine”, “It’s just a vacuum cleaner”.  She was still trembling like that for about 10 minutes – I sat next her all the while, patting her forehead and brushing her back.

Finally, she calmed down.  She licked my face for a few seconds and jumped out of the couch like her usual happy self.

I have always heard about the horrible effects of abuse that people can inflict on animals, but never had I experienced first hand – Terra was lucky: she found a house in which everybody loves her.  There are million of dogs still living in terrible conditions – waiting for angels to appear.

Please help them if you can!  Search for “shelter for dogs” and become an angel!

And check out this beautiful series of  portraits of shelter’s dogs by Traer Scott:


Love, yours