Dear MFBC,

I did something really stupid today in the gym.

There is a big space next to a machine, where I was stretching.  A guy came and asked if I am done – I thought he was asking for the space:  so I said no.  What I didn’t notice was that he stood near me in an angle that I could not see him.

After about 30 seconds, a girl came and asked “Are you warming up or done?” I suddenly realized that both of them were asking for the machine, which I wasn’t using – so I said ” Are you asking for the machine?”.  “Yes”, she said.  “Oh, go ahead!” I replied.

Then I turned, the guy was staring at me angrily and said “OK, I got it!” and huffed off.  It happened so fast, all I could manage to mutter out was “sorry…”

I feel so bad afterward – the guy must think I was doing it on purpose: namely, giving the machine to the girl and disliking him because he was a guy.  For heaven’s sake – that’s not what happened!

The moral of the story is that, sometimes, it is easy to assume somebody is trying to be mean to you, when it was a simple misunderstanding, or he was just momentarily being stupid!  Think positive – life is hard enough, at least give the benefit of doubts whenever you have a very bad encounter.  And of course, not being stupid next time!

Sincerely yours,

Being Stupid in the Gym