Have you noticed among your fiends there are always one or two (or a lot, depending on several factors) who enjoy taking pictures of food:

Courtesy of my friend Aurora.

In the beginning, I was like what’s up with that!  What good can come off with taking pictures of food.  We are taught (at least I was  taught), you NEVER take pictures when people are eating.

Then one day, (I don’t know why my brain keeps thinking about this) , I realized there is a fine distinction between taking pictures of people eating and just pictures of the food.

You see, before the food is being eaten, it is photo-friendly – the chef usually TRIES to make it eye-pleasing: no matter it is a fish, a cow chopped up into million pieces, or a pig with an apple in his mouth – at least, there is some art in arranging them.  Have you seen the food art demonstration?  – it is wonder what those people can do with the food.

So you see, taking picture of food is actually an art form, respecting the careful craft of the chef and making a lasting impression of what eventually ends up as digested nutrients and waste going through your stomach.

On the other hand, taking picture of people eating is just plainly embarrassing to the eater.