Hope is what defines our existence.  I am a little bit hopeful about my existence – at least in theory.

In practice, well, not so much.  Why, because I am a realist –  a realist never depends on hope.  A realist tries to see the world as what it is.

And it is not a very pretty picture.

BUT, the thing is, you can almost always fantasize – what really behind your imagination doesn’t matter.  WAIT WAIT, really??? It does not???

Yeah, think of this way.  Your perception is something that gives the impression of the subject.  People usually find all sorts of ways to justify why they like something and why they hate something – especially in a grey world.

Present a subject to a person the first time and ask him an opinion about it.  After he chooses his opinion, it is really hard to make him change that opinion.  This is what we all experienced –  once something murky and indecisive is seen by certain viewpoint, that viewpoint becomes dominant.  This is especially true when a reinforcing experience of that view takes place – like a debate, an argument and a traumatic event, as long as there is a sliver bit of justification of the opinion floating around, we are unlikely to change that.

There are several reasons for this. one is that: everybody wants to be seen as consistent (unless there is an underlying strong reason to switch opinions).  Once you have selected your view, you are most likely to want to stick to that view for the purpose of looking consistent and honest.

So the trick of living a NOT-SO-PERFECT world (nor it should be) is to find a reason living.  Dream up something you are striving to: no matter it is some lofty goal of becoming somebody famous, discover something new, meeting the love of your life or seeking a political cause that you believe in.  They are all something that can give your energy and purpose.

No matter how absurd or impossible this goal is, it gets you going.  Remember to never get disappointed if you fail.  The reason of choosing that goal is to make sure you can survive for an interval of time and not get distracted by all the harsh realities.  The next step is to set another goal – the key is to never give up and get discouraged.  This is nothing worse that living without purpose and without… um,  I shall call it “hope”.

So be an idealist and a realist at the same time – idealist for your mind, realist for your actions.