My roommate has this most wonderful dog you can imagine.

She is a mix of American bull and terrier – her whole body is white except black patches around the eyes – sort of panda-like. She is huge – if she stands up which she is doing a lot, you can almost assume she is a medium-height person.

She is aggressive and playful: the first time when I visited the house I am living right now, she just jumped on my shoulders.  The thing is, I’ve never scared of dogs – in fact, I always like an aggressive dog like that – it is just so playful.   I just patted her: I guess that sealed the deal – “oh, he is not afraid of me.  Um… he must be my friend”.

Every morning, when I leave the house, she would come down stairs and “says” goodbye and every night when I come back, she welcomes me by running downstairs.  It is absolutely a joy to watch a pet sticking to you like that.

She is a very good beggar too.  Have you seen the animation Shrek, and in it, there is a cat in the boots – whenever he wants something, he would stare you with two enormous eyes.  Terra (the dog’s name) is like that. She would stare you to the soul – I could never stand her stare for even a minute before giving in, giving (most of) my food I am eating to her.  She is just so good at it.

So what’s your pet and why do you love your pet?